Cyclone Cups Cyclone Cup Core - 1 ea - 853522002508

Cyclone Cups Cyclone Cup Core

Cyclone Cups



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Weight 0.5 lb
Dimensions 3.000” W X 9.500”H X 3.000” D

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Match Your Core: Home. Gym. On-The-Go. Power From Within. Patented Cyclone Mixing Technology. Crafted From The Most Eco-Friendly And Finest Materials Available. Core Infused Power to Help Blast through and Mix up The Toughest of Ingredients. Cap: Secure Lock and Tight Seal Lid. Wide Mouth for Easy Drinking. Cyclone Through and Mix in Power. Protein Powders. Eggs-Omelets. Nutrition Drinks. Pancake Mix. Marinades and Sauces. Meal Replacements. Salad Dressing. Fiber Powders. New Core: Added Storage. Pill Storage, 2 oz. Dry Chamber 6 oz.